New Happy Meal Jurassic World toys have arrived in McDonald’s! 🦕🦖🏔️

Be sure to let us know if you can list the names of all 12 dinosaurs found in Happy Meal, because we had to do some research to be able to tell you that Indominus Rex seems the most dangerous to us.

Dinosaurs as Happy Meal toys look a lot less scary than they are, right?

We’d say all jokes aside, but it isn’t really a joke. 😉

Instead of a toy in Happy Meal, you can also choose a book where we find out why the sky is blue!

3.The Tiny Detectives: Why is the sky blue? 📘☁

Happy Meal ™ combines main course, side dish and juice of your choice. All this is complemented by a toy or a book, a favorite part of most children’s meals. Visit your favorite McDonald’s and discover new adventures of the Tiny Detectives.

Happy Meal 19

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