You don’t have to go to Bikini Bottom to see SpongeBob. From now on, his whole crew is in Happy Meal! 🦀🐋🐠🐙

Happy Meal 34

If you’d still prefer the imaginary world of books, there are also the latest adventures of the Drvenković twins.

The books about the Drvenković family that are currently on offer are from the series “Adventures in the Wild”:

  1. 11.Twins are watching at the whale 🐳
  2. 12.Twins are looking for a saola 🦌

Happy Meal ™ combines main course, side dish and juice of your choice. All this is complemented by a toy or a book, a favorite part of most children’s meals. Visit your favorite McDonald’s and discover new adventures of the Drvenkovic family.

Happy Meal 19

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