Beef and chicken

Despite various myths existing today, the meat we prepare is real meat! At McDonald’s Srbija restaurants we use only 100 % beef, and each piece of meat is specially formed into burger patties.

We do not use any meat growth media. Our burger patties are made of 100% pure beef, without supplements, colors and preservatives. Our restaurants use double sided grills, where no extra grease is used. At the end, to obtain the characteristic irresistible taste, so and pepper are added.

After the beef is grounded, it is immediately frozen in order to ensure the best quality and preserve the recognizable great taste. Such meat is then transported in closed refrigerator trucks.

Chicken McNuggets are made exclusively with quality chopped small pieces of chicken breast meat.

After we chop them and make nuggets, the meat is marinated, which gives the nuggets the recognizable golden color and crispiness.