Food in McDonald’s restaurants


Salads in all McDonald’s restaurants are freshly prepared every day. Our salads consist of different mixtures of thoroughly cleaned and washed lettuce salad and different vegetables, depending on the type of salad. For instance, our Garden salad consists of: Mixed salad (Iceberg, Red Cabbage, Carrot), fresh tomato, fresh cucumber, sweet corn as well as dressing (Blue cheese, Balsamico, Yogurt).

Salads in restaurants are kept at proper temperatures, thus enabling complete freshness, characteristic taste and nutritive value. Prepared salads are always fresh when served to our guests, while the type of dressing is of your choice.

We do not use preservatives in our vegetable salads.

French fries

Our French fries known worldwide are recognizable thanks to specially selected, quality types of potatoes. This is what it makes them irresistible: crispy, of golden color outside and fluffy inside. We prepare them in vegetable oil. McDonald’s world known French fries are made of special kind of potato selected according to quality, taste and size. Our suppliers cut the potato, prepare it and freeze it before delivery to our restaurants. Then they are fried in restaurants so that the customers can enjoy crispy, hot and fresh French fries.