I want to know what I eat

The world-renowned McDonald’s restaurant chain is one of the rare ones and one of the first restaurant chains to publish a table with nutrition facts for products in their offer. In a concise and clear graphics, nutrition facts are found on the packaging of McDonald’s products and this website.
Nutrition facts exist, but the question is whether we use them considering guidelines for maximum number of calories and nutrients you should eat in a day (GDA = Guideline Daily Amount) for maintaining your desired body weight. On McDonald’s UK web site you can find a nutrition calculator with various useful information. There are days when the calorie needs may be higher or lower, but if you observe your calorie intake during a whole week, it could be easily determined if you eat more than you should.

A fast and easy meal does not necessarily mean that it is a bad meal. One of the examples is the choice of the Premium chicken salad from the rich McDonald’s offer. With only 330 kcal you will get a fast, light and adequate meal. If you want to have a dessert, chose the low-calorie Apple Pie (248 kcal) or enjoy Profiteroles (276 kcal) found in the offer of McDonald’s McCafé.

It’s one thing to enjoy food and completely another to be aware of what and how much we eat. Don’t forget about the required daily intake of water.