Myths about physical activity

Reaching and maintaining ideal body weight means cutting out certain foods.

False! Adequate nutrition means that, in certain recommended quantities, all nutrient-dense foods are present. There are no harmful foods, they can harm you only if you eat too much of them and in certain harmful food combinations.

The less fat we eat, the faster we will lose weight.

False! Fats are important for life. One will lose weight only if one takes in less calories than one burns, regardless of whether fats or carbohydrates are in question.

The most harmful for our health are fats created in an industrial process by adding hydrogen (hydrogenation) to oil, by frying or reheating.

True! Thus, trans fatty acids are created, increasing LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Consumers can find information on trans fatty acids content in food on the product label.

True! If it is mentioned on the product label that the product contains partially or completely hydrogenated oil, it means that it contains trans fatty acids.

Some restaurants, such as McDonald’s, have undertaken measures to reduce the content of trans fatty acids in their products.

True! These measures include the use of sunflower seed and rapeseed oil with high percentage of olein (good) fatty acid, and with less percentage of trans fatty acids.

Margarine is healthier than butter.

False! Margarine is a processed food containing high percentage of trans fatty acids. Beside margarine, these fats can be found in crackers, bakery products, cakes, fried foods.

Meat is a food that will preserve our muscle mass.

True! The menu that will preserve muscle mass, and reduce subcutaneous fat, is the one on which meat and salads are found. Naturally, one should choose lean meats, such as chicken, beef and fish for such purposes.

“Light“ products help with losing weight.

False! Diet success depends on the quantity of food, but there is a catch when “light“ products are in question, it is the quantity. When consuming such foods we believe that we can eat more.

It is better to eat a sandwich than to skip a meal.

True! If we skip a meal, this causes our body to store fat. This is the reason why it is better to eat a sandwich, but not any sandwich. If you eat a sandwich without mayonnaise, butter or yellow cheese, you will eat a meal that will not endanger your figure.

Physical activity is useful only for losing and maintaining body weight.

False! Any form of physical activity is beneficial for all our organs and tissues. It is excellent for preventing a series of health issues, such as heart attack and stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, etc.

For losing and maintaining the reached body weight it is necessary to exercise every day.

False! Generally, it is, although it is better to exercise several times a week than exhaust oneself exercising once. But doing something is always better than doing nothing.  However, for a positive effect on your health, a daily half-an-hour brisk walk or any other similar activity is enough.

There is no best physical activity.

True! There is no best physical activity – any physical activity is good. It depends on what you prefer:  whether you chose a brisk walk, bicycle ride, swimming, dancing, gym workouts, basketball or volleyball, it’s your choice.