McDonald’s suppliers have a key role in achieving our success, offering products of confirmed highest quality at competitive prices.

McDonald’s Srbija cooperates closely with more than 35 leading suppliers in Serbia, thus endeavoring to ensure a quality source of supply and the highest quality products.

Together with the suppliers, the company creates new products and strives to ensure a recognizable and irresistible taste identical in all our restaurants Serbia wide. We invest in the Serbian agricultural industry in a manner so as to use quality domestic products, including annual procurement, which makes 43 % of the total funds allocated for the food cost, and material of more than 20 suppliers in Serbia.

We buy products in the places where our consumers buy – only that our basket is somewhat bigger in size. McDonald’s buys and serves in its restaurants the same food used by our consumers in their homes and delivered by prominent Serbian companies.

McDonald’s in Serbia, when preparing our products, mostly uses raw material purchased from domestic producers, such as: eggs (Mikros Union, Belgrade), buns (Žitoban, Zrenjanin), salads (Salat centar, Belgrade), toppings (Desing, Knjaževac).