Food safety standards in McDonald’s restaurants comply with all statutory regulations of the Republic of Serbia and are frequently, due to internal procedures, even stricter than the statutory ones. At our restaurants, more than 50 beef and chicken safety inspections are implemented every day. In fact, many countries created their rules exactly according to McDonald’s high standards of food safety and quality.
Managers and employees are trained in the manner to ensure food quality and safety, as well as strict observance of the rules established. At McDonald’s, checks of all risky processes concerning food safety and quality in our restaurants are carried out.
Cooperation with our suppliers is an important part of the McDonald’s approach to adjustment of the current resources and development of new technologies necessary, in order to continue the food safety and quality control.
McDonald’s observes laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia and strictly complies with them. Our suppliers must observe ISO standards, have HACCP certification and ensure compliance with SQMS (Supplier Quality Management System).

How we prepare our food

McDonald’s suppliers have a key role in achieving our success, offering products of confirmed highest quality at competitive prices.

McDonald’s Srbija cooperates closely with more than 35 leading suppliers in Serbia, thus endeavoring to ensure a quality source of supply and the highest quality products.

Together with the suppliers, the company creates new products and strives to ensure a recognizable and irresistible taste identical in all our restaurants Serbia wide. We invest in the Serbian agricultural industry in a manner so as to use quality domestic products, including annual procurement, which makes 43 % of the total funds allocated for the food cost, and material of more than 20 suppliers in Serbia.

We buy products in the places where our consumers buy – only that our basket is somewhat bigger in size. McDonald’s buys and serves in its restaurants the same food used by our consumers in their homes and delivered by prominent Serbian companies.

McDonald’s in Serbia, when preparing our products, mostly uses raw material purchased from domestic producers, such as: eggs (Mikros Union, Belgrade), buns (Žitoban, Zrenjanin), salads (Salat centar, Belgrade), toppings (Desing, Knjaževac).


Salads in all McDonald’s restaurants are freshly prepared every day. Our salads consist of different mixtures of thoroughly cleaned and washed lettuce salad and different vegetables, depending on the type of salad. For instance, our Garden salad consists of: Mixed salad (Iceberg, Red Cabbage, Carrot), fresh tomato, fresh cucumber, sweet corn as well as dressing (Blue cheese, Balsamico, Yogurt).

Salads in restaurants are kept at proper temperatures, thus enabling complete freshness, characteristic taste and nutritive value. Prepared salads are always fresh when served to our guests, while the type of dressing is of your choice.

We do not use preservatives in our vegetable salads.

French fries

Our French fries known worldwide are recognizable thanks to specially selected, quality types of potatoes. This is what it makes them irresistible: crispy, of golden color outside and fluffy inside. We prepare them in vegetable oil. McDonald’s world known French fries are made of special kind of potato selected according to quality, taste and size. Our suppliers cut the potato, prepare it and freeze it before delivery to our restaurants. Then they are fried in restaurants so that the customers can enjoy crispy, hot and fresh French fries.

Despite various myths existing today, the meat we prepare is real meat! At McDonald’s Srbija restaurants we use only 100 % beef, and each piece of meat is specially formed into burger patties.

We do not use any meat growth media. Our burger patties are made of 100% pure beef, without supplements, colors and preservatives. Our restaurants use double sided grills, where no extra grease is used. At the end, to obtain the characteristic irresistible taste, so and pepper are added.

After the beef is grounded, it is immediately frozen in order to ensure the best quality and preserve the recognizable great taste. Such meat is then transported in closed refrigerator trucks.

Chicken McNuggets are made exclusively with quality chopped small pieces of chicken breast meat.

After we chop them and make nuggets, the meat is marinated, which gives the nuggets the recognizable golden color and crispiness.

The oil we use in McDonald’s restaurants for frying our French fries, chicken meat and nuggets, fish fillets and fruit pies, is top-quality vegetable oil. Our oil is being filtered every day and tested with special oil quality test equipment, and the oil is regularly changed accordingly.

McDonald’s uses exclusively products and ingredients meeting the highest standards of food quality and safety, and in compliance with the legislation and standards prescribed by all relevant authorities in the Republic of Serbia.

We at McDonald’s seriously consider the food quality issue and set high standards, both internal within the company, and to our suppliers. These standards are frequently stricter than the ones set by regulatory bodies.

McDonald’s efficiently uses its processes when delivering quality and safe products. We aim at adequate food preparation procedures so that all the vitamins and minerals naturally found in food are kept.

The world-renowned McDonald’s restaurant chain is one of the rare ones and one of the first restaurant chains to publish a table with nutrition facts for products in their offer. In a concise and clear graphics, nutrition facts are found on the packaging of McDonald’s products and this website.
Nutrition facts exist, but the question is whether we use them considering guidelines for maximum number of calories and nutrients you should eat in a day (GDA = Guideline Daily Amount) for maintaining your desired body weight. On McDonald’s UK web site you can find a nutrition calculator with various useful information. There are days when the calorie needs may be higher or lower, but if you observe your calorie intake during a whole week, it could be easily determined if you eat more than you should.

A fast and easy meal does not necessarily mean that it is a bad meal. One of the examples is the choice of the Premium chicken salad from the rich McDonald’s offer. With only 330 kcal you will get a fast, light and adequate meal. If you want to have a dessert, chose the low-calorie Apple Pie (248 kcal) or enjoy Profiteroles (276 kcal) found in the offer of McDonald’s McCafé.

It’s one thing to enjoy food and completely another to be aware of what and how much we eat. Don’t forget about the required daily intake of water.