Crispy Cheese Bacon Classic - App -eng - McDonalds

What’s that? 👂 A crispy noise? Your ears are not fooling you: Crispy Cheese Beef Classic is back in the McDonald’s! 
Let’s remember what makes this burger sooo delicious (watch out for the mouthwatering content in 3, 2, 1…) 👉 Cheese and bacon sprinkled bun, 100% beef, crrrispy bacon, fried cheese, Spicy sauce, grilled onions, and Iceberg lettuce. 🤤 Oh, we missed it so much! 
Spicy food lovers, we thought of you too: Crispy Cheese Beef Jalapeno is coming to our restaurants for the first time! 🌶️ 
Reading these words made you hungry? Don’t worry, Crispy Cheese burgers are waiting for you in the nearest McDonald’s. 
See you!