Experience of the Future eng - McDonalds

The “Experience of the Future” concept is a key part of our rapid development plan, helping us make a better McDonald’s by allowing us to give our guests a new, personal, simpler and more emotional experience while visiting our restaurant.

What makes our restaurants, restaurants of the future?

Made for You concept
As part of the “Made for You” concept, we no longer prepare burgers and fries before we receive an order, the food is prepared especially for you once you have placed your order. In this way, we are able to provide our customers with even more freshly prepared meals.

Self-order counter
In addition to traditional ordering from one of our staff, you can also use our Self-order counter. Choose any meal you like, pay for it with your card and look out for your order number on the screen. When your number appears, take your order from a separate part of the service area. At the Self-Order counter, you can also scan the coupons available to you on the McDonald’s mobile application. If you want to order at the counter but you don’t have a card, you can pay in cash at the cashier counter.

Table service
We’ve made using our new table service very easy for you. If you want your order brought to the table, after punching in your order at the Self-order counter, take the locator from the side of the counter and type in the number on the screen. Then select the table you want your order brought to, sit down at your table of choice, and place your locator so it is visible on the table. One of our service staff will take the locator from the table once they have brought you your order.

Mobile app
We know that all our guests love coupons, because coupons mean savings, especially when they are available right at your fingertips. That’s why we have decided to gather all of our coupons in one place – on our McDonalds mobile app.
In addition to downloading your favourite coupons, the application also has other benefits. There you can find out all the news, as well as the nutritional facts, on all our products, the closest restaurant to you, and everything you have ever wanted to know about McDonald’s history in Serbia, as well as lots of other information.
If you are interested in working at a McDonald’s, the application is linked to our website and you can apply for some of the positions at our restaurants with only a few clicks.
Welcome to the McDonald’s of the futurel!