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Find interesting facts on the establishment of McDonald’s, and its long tradition in our country.


Why is McDonald’s Serbia a record holder, and what recognitions has it received?




Although it may sound unlikely, McDonald’s restaurants in Serbia hold several world records.


1989 – The Slavija restaurant holds the world record for the number of patrons served in that year, numbering 2,046,014 customers served.


1990 – The Bezistan restaurant is the first McDonald’s in the world to serve more than 3 million people – specifically 3,585,554


1991 – The Bezistan restaurant is a world record holder for the most guests served in one day, on March 12, 1991 a total of 16,823 people were served.

1991 – in total during 1991, Bezistan served 2,816,206 customers.


1998 – he Apolo restaurant had 346 birthday parties in December alone. This is a world record.