EN Kvalitet hrane - McDonalds

Food quality

100% BEEF

The meat used in our restaurants is made from 100% beef. It is delivered to restaurants frozen, then it is
prepared on the grill without oil and seasoned with only salt and pepper. Our burgers have 20% fat and
no additives.

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In the phase of salad and vegetable production, the GLOBALGAP standard is applied, which strictly
monitors the production process in the field in all phases. Salad is delivered within a short timespan,
from a local supplier, Salad Center, to a restaurant under controlled conditions, in order to maintain
freshness, crunchiness, specific taste and nutritional value.


Our world-famous french fries are made from special potatoes selected according to quality, taste and
size. The potatoes are cut, prepared and frozen before being delivered to restaurants. In restaurants,
they’re is fried in vegetable oil, so they’re crispy, fresh and warm when you get them.


Only skinless chicken meat is used to prepare chicken in our salads, burgers, McNuggets and wraps. All
our chicken products are of the highest quality.
Our fish flat is made from 100% pure white fish meat from the Atlantic, breaded and fried in vegetable
oil. When the fillet, to which cheese and sauce are added, is placed in a fresh steamed bun, you get the
popular Filet-O-Fish ™.


Our delicious buns are made in the Žitoban bakery in Zrenjanin. They are produced exclusively from the highest quality wheat and, which is also important, they are delivered fresh on a daily basis to restaurants throughout Serbia. The complete production process is automated, from dough kneading, its division and shaping, to fermentation, baking, packaging and transport to restaurants.


Each McMuffin contains one fresh homemade egg from the farm in Selevac.


Toppings for ice cream or shakes at McDonald’s restaurants are made at the Desing factory. Before all
these products are produced, they are created and developed in the "Desing Taste Center, Center for
Development, Education and Innovation". This is where it all begins and a wide range of seasonal
products for our restaurants are developed there.


The beans of our coffee are of the highest quality, and are delivered exclusively from suppliers who
operate in accordance with sustainable development, i.e. have a Rainforest Alliance certificate. The
berries of the Arabica fruit contain two halves of coffee beans, and in some cases the fruit contains
more coffee beans.