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Happy Meal App - happy family!

Make your family visits to McDonalds an unforgettable experience with Happy Meal App! This app guaranties a whole lot of fun, learning and quality family time.
Happy Meal App is always by your side. Whether you’re playing, learning or drawing, whether you’re alone or with your family, at McDonalds or at home.
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About Happy Meal App?

Happy Meal App o is a place for playing games, learning and family fun, and the ticket for this digital atelier is always FREE. As a first extension of beloved Happy Meal, Happy Meal App makes this meal even more interesting enabling children interaction with toys and books in an augmented reality manner. Designed for children and parents, Happy Meal App was made to make your family time more fun and useful.

More than a gaming app

Happy Meal App is loaded with games that help children develop new and useful skills and knowledge. We believe that children learning is most effective when applying their imagination in social games. That way we help them to think in innovative, fresh ways, enhance their curiosity, encourage their creativity – and inspire them to create something they can be proud of. Happy Meal App has something for every child whether he/she aspire to be an artist, inventor, musician or just have a good time with our scanner, digital books and masks.

Happy Meal App encourages:

  • Creativity, imagination and sociability
  • Positive emotions and joy
  • Child parent interaction
  • Natural instincts that help us grow

Good to know:

Happy Meal App is updated whenever new toys visit Happy Meal

There is no purchasing in app

No third-party ads